Our Shared Expectations and Responsibilities

SouthWest Transit is committed to an “Expect the Best” service level in the transit and coach travel provided to our communities and riders. The Expectations set out below are intended to clarify what “Expect the Best” means to the SouthWest Transit Riders, Staff, and Commission. However, as every Rider knows, excellent service delivery requires more than just dedicated staff and employees. Even when service is on time and clean, Riders make the difference between whether a trip is merely tolerable or truly pleasant and stress free. To this end, the Rider Advisory Committee, SouthWest Transit Staff, and SouthWest Transit Commissioners ask the Riders to support this “Expect the Best” partnership by honoring the Rider Responsibilities to the same high degree that SouthWest Transit is devoted to delivering and exceeding Rider daily expectations for safe, reliable, affordable, and comfortable service.

Download Rider Expectations & Responsibilities