Prime Rider FAQ

How can I make a request for a ride?

  • SW Transit App (Search SouthWest Transit in Google Play or Apple
    App Stores).
  • Call the reservation line at 952-SW-PRIME (952-797-7463).

How do I know if I’ve been assigned to a driver?

You will be notified once you’ve been assigned to a driver via text message or push notification when booking via the SW Transit App. If booked over the phone, the reservationist will let you know your assigned driver and their estimated time of arrival. You can also check the app interface, which will show you real-time updates about your request status.

How long does it take for my driver to pick me up?

It depends on how busy the system is at any given time. The app interface will show you an estimated time of arrival, based on your driver’s realtime GPS and current trip load. For phone reservations the reservationist will provide you with an estimated time of arrival.

Can I track my driver?

You can track your driver with real-time GPS updates within the SW Transit App.

Can I make a request for someone else to get picked up?

No. The SW Prime service is reserved for your personal use. It is important to protect your own user profile by making requests only for yourself. However, you may book group rides up to 6 individuals that must include yourself.

How do I contact my driver?

You can input a comment when placing your ride request through the app or contact Customer Service 952-SW-PRIME (952-797-7463) if you have important information to relay to your driver. You cannot contact your driver directly.

What if I need to cancel my ride request?

To be fair to others, it is important to cancel the request if you no longer need a ride. You can instantly cancel by using the SW Transit App, or by calling Customer Service 952-SW-PRIME (952-797-7463)

If I cancel my ride request, then make another one, will I go to the bottom of the request queue?

Yes. Every time you cancel and resubmit a request, the process starts all over again. Your request will be put at the end of the queue and then be assigned to the next available driver.

Can I change my drop off location after I've already boarded the Prime vehicle?

No. If you request a new destination mid-ride that is clearly different (in a totally different location than your original request), your request is considered a new ride request and you will be charged full Prime fare for that request. Your ride request will then move to the end of the queue meaning other trips already assigned may be completed prior to your new request at the Prime Dispatcher’s discretion.

How do I give SW Prime my feedback?

Be sure to share with SouthWest Transit what you love or what improvements you’d like to see in the technology by sending us an email to! You will also have the opportunity to rate your experience through the SW Transit App.